The BEST Thin Mints (V/GF)

The BEST Thin Mints (V/GF)

Anyone else practically live on Girl Scout cookies growing up? In our house, Thin Mints were a favorite, and we always had 1-2 boxes in the freezer for snacking. It doesn’t get much better than a crisp, cold, chocolaty Thin Mint dunked in milk (who’s with me?).

We wanted to bring the nostalgia of Girl Scout cookies into our kitchen and remake this classic cookie, but with a healthier spin. We’re happy to report that our inspired version is not only naturally gluten-free, vegan, and grain-free, but it’s also incredibly quick and easy to make and (no joke) tastes exactly like the real thing!

The BEST Thin Mints (V/GF) from Minimalist Baker →

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